When you’re ready to purchase a home, working with a professional can help you meet your goals. There are many different compensation models that real estate brokers may use, so be sure to consider the services you need when selecting a broker to represent you.

How Can a REALTOR® Help With Your Real Estate Investment?

  • Your REALTOR® will represent your best interests. Buyer’s agents have a fiduciary duty to the buyer rather than the seller.
  • Buyer’s representatives can help you find properties that match your needs and provide data about the market to help you assess property value.
  • Your REALTOR® can assist in submitting offers, negotiating on your behalf, and navigating the dozens of details required to bring a complex transaction to a successful close.

How Are Real Estate Buyer Representatives Compensated?

Compensation for real estate services is negotiable between agents and their clients. Many real estate brokers who represent sellers offer to compensate the buyers’ representatives for helping to successfully sell the property. Buyers benefit from this arrangement because they can receive professional representation even when they don’t have the financial ability to pay for services directly. When hiring a REALTOR®, you can discuss what services you need and how compensation will work.

What Are the Disadvantages of Purchasing Real Estate Without a REALTOR®?

Buyer’s agents protect the interests of their clients. Your REALTOR® can help you submit offers, navigate complex transactions, identify down-payment programs, negotiate on your behalf, and talk to you about other professionals you may need during a real estate purchase. Nine out of 10 homebuyers and sellers say they would work with their REALTOR® again, which speaks to the valuable role REALTORS® play. The changes within the NAR settlement present greater opportunities for REALTORS® to communicate the value and services that will be provided.